Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Nurgly Wurlgy

I'm not dead! I feel happy!

So, I have been looking at the new Khorne Daemonkin stuff, and I really like what I see. GW rewarding the faithful with a mono-god codex for Chaos is uber-cool. I'm a fluff purist at heart, so I have always loved pure Khorne or Nurgle forces in the past. With the last two Chaos codexes, you sorta had to play some mixed stuff to stay competitive though. I didn't feel too bad about combining Nurgle and Slaanesh (the pink and stink list) or Nurgle and Khorne (pus and....ahh fuck, nothing rhymes). I can't wait to see a Nurgle Daemonkin book, and I think that's the one I'd like to build going forward.

Well, having said that, I need something to distract me from all this Khorny goodness, at least for now. I'm getting back into the swing of things, have my work area all done up, and will be setting up a gaming table soon out above the barn (I live on a horse farm now). It's time to jump back on the horse! (see what I did there?). A good warm up for painting would be my Fantasy Nurgle Daemon army.

I've had most of it built for a while now and absolutely love the models. They are pretty easy to paint up too. Only thing I'd love to build for it would be a proper Great Unclean One and maybe a Daemon Prince or two. With all the awesome Nurgle stuff released for End Times recently, there's definitely some good models to make some conversions out of.

Sign of a good Warhammer unit...easy to rank up!

I love these counts as Beasts of Nurgle and can't wait to get them finished!

Fantasy is about to make a comeback and I'm excited to see what direction it goes. And you know what? If it sucks, I'll have a fully painted army to move and that'll be that. I recently sold off my Orks and Ogres, so I have no qualms about scaling back my armies as I go forward. Don't get me started on the Skitarri, I love almost all the models coming out for them. Be disciplined, Brandon...stay on target...

Sorry Skeletor, you're just gonna have to wait!


Big Poppa Fresh said...

Crud and blood :)

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TJ Atwell said...

Welcome back and I like Blood and Boils.

jugger said...

That'll work, TJ!