Sunday, August 7, 2016

Downed Airship WIP

These were fun to paint up! My girl suggested blue for the airship color, and I'm glad she did, cause it'll make some of this dreary-ass terrain pop on my table.

That's it for stage 1 of the terrain project. Still have to go back in and get the rubble locked down, add some signs, mud, and blood, and maybe match the black to the more dark purple of my Frontline Gaming mat. Have I mentioned how awesome they are?

No more playing in Plastic City for us!


Dave Weston said...

YOurs turned out much more realistic than mine and I like all the grass that make sit even more part of the landscape.

Greg Hess said...

I really love it when two bloggers do the same piece in a similar timeframe. My absolute favorite part of this hobby is seeing how everyone injects their own style, scheme, talent into the pieces. The fact you and dave just did this is stellar. Love both the pieces! Great job all around.

jugger said...

Thanks Greg! I love seeng different painting styles; it's cool to see how someone else interpreted a color scheme or technique on a model you've done as well. You can look at it and learn a different way to see the piece.

Dave - yours rocked, loved it!