Saturday, July 30, 2016

Centerpiece Terrain WIP

The cityfight centerpiece is almost done!

I really liked how the pillars came out. They looked terrible after the initial drybrush; then the wash fixed them right up. I'm glad I went with Nuln Oil there.

I found some Youtube vids on how to make your statues look oxidized, mixed some paint up to try it and totally f'd it up, went to buy some paint closer to that bluish-green color...then noticed I already had Nihilakn Oxide in my paint collection. Total fail. I liked the ease of using it, just brush on and be done.

I had to fill in the hollow cake pillars with some green stuff. I figured the Imperium would not cheap out on that.

Just a few more downed airship pieces to go and stage 1 of the terrain project will be done. Woot.

I am beating down my painting malaise like a champ!


Greg Hess said...

Looks awesome! Great job!

jugger said...

Thanks dude!