Monday, July 7, 2014

Mega Armored Orks

Took out my old metal MANZ tonight and did some work on them. I'll keep these as the new ones are juuuuuust a bit pricey IMO. Yea right, I say that, then I'll see them firsthand and jump at buying a couple of boxes. I do dig their slightly bigger size now....

Usually I do not dig older metal models of any kind, but these you can do a little converting to and they should paint up well being mostly all armor.

First up is a Big Mek conversion with a Kustom Force Field. This was made from the new Morkanaut kit, of which I need to get off my ass and build!

Nob with Kustom boss pole. Only the best for the boyz!

I had this old grotzooka thingy I bought online for some Killer Kans a while back. It actually fits pretty well on these. 

A lot of the arm bitz are from Kromlech. They're da bomb.


aradhana nigam said...

This is nice post and work. Making robots in different ways and with design.
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Greg Hess said...

Loving your take on the conversions to characterize the mega nobz.

I agree with you on the price of the new kit...though I feel (like the flashgitz box), just getting the box for all the bitz and conversion opportunities would be worth it. I don't think it would be wise to make an entire army of meganobz just from those boxes though!

jugger said...

Thanks fellas! I'm switching out that Mek's head, not doing it for me now.

Greg - I'm with ya! I'm going to TRY to hold out...must...resist...urge....