Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mega Armored Nobz re-visited

Ever work on something and really dig it and then a few days later you look at it again and it just doesn't do it for you anymore? Yea, happens to me all the time. It hit me like a charge from Ghazgkull with that last batch of Mega Armored Nobz. The different size heads and some of the arms just wasn't doing it for me, so...back to the drawing board.

The different sized heads were driving me nuts, so I went searching on the Kromlech site for some ideas. They make some of the best second market Ork bitz out there, and it wasn't long before I found what I needed. A couple of packets later and I was back in business.

The Clanking Destroyer Heads and Mechanical Arms work great on these older Mega Armored models. The heads look like something out of that Robots animated film, which is cute and all, even if these guys are made to cut things to bloody shreds!

The unit in it's full glory!

I switched out the head and arms of the Big Mek. The claw is from pieces of the Ironclad Dreadnought and the drill from Kromlech. I think he looks much more "tech" now. 

A pair of killsaws for this Nob. 

The Kromlech bitz work in scale pretty dang good with these. I think they're a fun balance between cartoon and Ork brutality and efficiency! 

Ready for the Battlewagon!


Mordian7th said...

That's a great use of bits - the Mek is particularly inspired. Fantastic work, man!

Greg Hess said...

Very nice work. Can't wait to see these guys painted up and proper krumpin things!

jugger said...

Thanks guys, priming is done and it's time to get busy!

Colin Healey said...

I just spent 2 days reading through you blog. A++ stuff, I have been clearing out all my non-essential miniatures and have turned to chaos and orks, as they give the most fun conversion options.

Well done!

jugger said...

Thanks Colin, much appreciated!