Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ork Warbuggies

Warbuggies have gotten much better in the new codex! I love that they outflank now; this will help get at rear armor easier. Having five twin linked rokkit shots coming your way will definitely turn the heads of many an unsuspecting tank commander. And you can't beat the cost! Afterwards they'll either get shot to hell, directing fire away from the Boyz, or possibly ignored somewhat, so they can start racing around doing what Orks so best...unleashing carnage.

I built these buggies a while back and was kinda turned off on them as they'd just get shot to ribbons so early. They did have some good luck against some Nid Warriors and Ogryns, popping them with that S8 rokkit. I have to build two more now that they are more viable. I'll also have to convert the big shoota one as well. The trukk and battlewagon kits are seriously fun to play with!


Greg Hess said...

These are great conversions. Big bigger then I would have thought (actually modeling for disadvantage here...but hey it looks awesome!), but I like them non the less!

Combine with some deff kopta's and go to town!

Green Stuff Industries said...

Great looking models, Jugger! Orks look like so much fun to build/paint.

Mordian7th said...

Those are fantastic! Cracking builds, man!

jugger said...

Thanks fellas!

GSI / Mord - Thanks! They are incredibly fun to build. if you mess up something, just throw some plasticard over it and start over. Easy peasy!

Greg - The 6 wheeled one could be a Wartrakk I suppose, just have to add a skorcha to her. It's a little bigger than the others.