Thursday, December 12, 2013


Saw an Ork rumor the other day that cyboars may make it back into the next codex. I would love to see this; I've always loved the concept and think that some really kick ass models could be made for them. The old ones looked like juggernauts on meth.

I made a couple of my own a while back, nothing too crazy, just a tailpipe (literally) and a robot eye on one. I was going to use them as counts as bikers but never got around to finishing them.

I am REALLY looking forward to the new codex and all the craziness that will go along with it like new units, updated models, Escalation, etc. 2014 gonna be a good year!


Carl Handley said...

I went further with mine, back legs replaced by wheels with plenty of dakka!

jugger said...

Yea, mo dakka is good dakka! If I make anymore they'll definitely need to be a little more over the top.