Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nurgle Soul Grinder 2 WIP

Almost done with the second Nurgle Grinder. More of the same with this one paint wise as the GW technical paints continue to be a blast to work with. I got a little more gory with this one!


Krull said...

It looks awesome!

Can you tell me how you did the corrosion and rust on the legs?
It just looks very real!
Thanks in advance.


jugger said...

Krull - I used the new GW technical paints on them. Very easy to use and you get a great nasty effect!

1. Prime black
2. Drybrush with some Leadbelcher
3. Copious amount of Typhus Corrosion
4. One dry, add in a drybush of Ryza Rust in places.
5. Do some edges with Leadbelcher or Chainmail, not too much though.