Sunday, December 15, 2013

WIP Blood Throne of Khorne

I don't know when I'll field her, but I really wanted to build one of these. Rules wise it's ok, nothing real special, but it does make for a fun conversion piece.

Had to go with some Juggernaut steeds...this blog is named from them after all. The chariot body is from the old metal Chaos Warrior chariot (screw you Finecast!). I added a few skulls here and there and will no doubt put a few more up; those and chains are a great way to hide gaps in the model. I added a banner to the front of the chariot to count as the Totem that let's you pass on the Herald's Locus to others nearby.

If you play Khorne you gotta play the target saturation game, and this beauty will need to be taken care of stat by your opponent cause it hits pretty hard. A Herald will wreck some stuff if you let him get into h2h.

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