Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chaos Lord of Nurgle

It was a nasty day today and I was stuck inside organizing some bitz. I found a couple of pieces I had bought in the past I had forgot about and set about putting together a quick Nurgle Lord with them.

I think this is a record for how many different kits I could bash. His head is from the Chaos Warshrine kit, the torso from the Chaos vehicle accessories, arms from the Raptor set, legs are a Beastmen Gor, and the backpack and shoulder plates are from the Chaos Marine kit. He even has a small head trophy from the Plaugebearer kit, some old GW barb wire, and a small pouch from a secondary market kit which name escapes me. That's a lot of parts!

I added a little textured paint to the armor and some liquid Green Stuff here and there to gunk him up.

My favorite bit is definitely the head, just fits really well for a Plague Lord, horn and all.


Green Stuff Industries said...

Some choice bits in there, Jugger! He's pretty scary. Well done!

jugger said...

Thanks dude! Check out the Soul Grinder below this post, your tentacle maker comes through again!